Mark Bowlin is a retired naval officer who believes that the Dallas Cowboys will eventually go to another Superbowl (and as players, not spectators), that Texas is truly God's country, and that good Texas barbeque and a cold beer is superior to champagne and caviar in every respect. Opinions to the contrary can be (politely) expressed on his blog. 

Mark is one of those who was born elsewhere, but got to Texas as soon as he could when his family moved to Portland in 1975. After a year of extreme culture shock, he decided that Texas would work out just fine. Later he found that college was the best experience a guy could have, and he vaguely remembers his senior year at the University of North Texas (then NTSU) as the best three years of his life. 

He joined the United States Navy after a year of graduate school at the University of Maryland, and served in a variety of billets ashore and afloat in the United States and overseas. His awards include the Legion of Merit and Defense Meritorious Service Medal among other personal, unit and campaign awards.

Mark recently completed a year supporting the State Department 
mission in Erbil, Iraq, and is accordingly a little behind in his writing. 
With the 2014 publication of Ghosts of the Mountains, he's almost 
halfway done with the Gun Club series​.

Radio Interview with Mark Bowlin on Denny Gillem's 
Frontlines of Freedom

Mark Bowlin